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May 23

Pitbull Week Recap

       Fannies! This was our favorite performance so far! We hope you think so too! The whole week was just full of happy zenful feelings: a trip to the Hindu temple, dancing with the other crews in the opening number (including the cute and energetic ICONICboyz), and of course being back another week to share our art on the ABDC stage! 

    We often receive questions about our choreography process, how we create our work, or how we find inspiration. This week we feel our Pitbull piece shows just how we do that! We took our inspiration, in this case, Bollywood, and incorporated some of those elements into Fannypak style. The marriage….Bollypak!! Creating the material turned out to be quite easy in comparison to our past week’s performances. Bollywood is so theatrical, fun, and exciting! It was the perffect match for us!

Thanks again for all the support, lovelies! Onto the next week, RIHANNAAAAA!!!

May 15

J-Lo Performance Recap

    Thank you to everybody who supports Fannypak and our message! You all inspire us to continue fighting our way through this competition. After our humble experience being in the bottom 2, we were each reminded of our own personal reasons for coming back to the show. Our J-lo performance was a direct metaphor to our mission statement “Be you. Be different”, we each embodied that in our routine. The routine wasn’t just a story of “robots to rainbows,” but it really embraced our message of celebrating individuality. In this post, we each want to share a few thoughts about our routine’s message and what it means to us. 

Click Here to see our J-lo performance on ABDC7.


More and more, the entire point of our message is coming clear to me. This week especially has taught me to stay true to my point of view and share it proudly. As a group, we must allow our intuitive sense of fun to bring Fanny Pak’s vision to fruition. This week reminded me to stop working so damn hard and to again, just have fun. Follow your honest excitement and your work will become your play. Robots to rainbows, ya’ll!


     I truly believe in the power of self appreciation. It is only when we gain the courage to commit to being ourselves that we then can enjoy life. Being a teacher, it hurts me to see young kids, especially my own students, deal with bullying or teasing. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it some time or another while growing up, and it needs to stop. It’s just as bothersome when I see teenagers and young adults follow suit of their peers at the expense of expressing their own personality. C’mon people! It’s the 21st century! Being “Cool” is now overrated! Be yourself! The ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment comes with the ability to understand what makes you “YOU!” Embrace it, love it, value it, and continue to grow as an individual!! There is no perfect person, and we can all afford to share a bit of ourselves to the world!!




This may be a little forward for some of you but I do my best to live God’s will and that is what everything is based off of for me.

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God." -Romans 12:2

This is the verse that directly embodies what Fanny Pak is representing on America’s Best Dance Crew. Do not give into conformity, refresh your mind and live the life that was meant for you to live. What is right for someone else may not be right for you and that is okay. Be you! Be different! No matter what or who you believe in, the message we are delivering is the same.

I wish you could all see the types of messages we have been getting…they say the meanest things sometimes and it is just proof of the point we are trying to make. Being different isn’t always the popular route. But we have made it this far because individuality is important. We were all brought here as individuals…completely different DNA…God has set different paths for us all and he wants us to take them. Some paths cross, connect, are similar, but are all different. The reason I am here taking on America…again…is because this is part of God’s will for me, to be a part of this movement. 

This show means so much to me. Its my life right now, living in the present, on the path to my future. I don’t believe that we do things for no reason, everything you do has meaning and holds value to your life, the lives around you, and the lives of those watching you. Every time you see me out there I’m dancing from the innermost part of me, for my friends, my family, my community, my followers, the viewers, my beliefs…for God. Don’t think this stuff is easy…its tough emotionally and physically no matter how easy you think we make it look. I’m not gonna lie, I am always trying to look composed when the camera comes on. It’s hard to share my feelings with so many people watching unless I’m doing it through dancing. Writing it isn’t that bad either lol. But after tonight’s episode was done I just cried…by myself. Even when the crew asked if I was okay and what was wrong I couldn’t tell them. But this is it. I want to be successful in being an example of “the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”


“From Robots to Rainbows”

I love my crew Fanny Pak because we are a group of individuals that create work that has not been seen on the ABDC stage. Many people appreciate this, including our FANnies, but seeing as though we were in the bottom for two weeks, not enough people are behind us. 

As you may know, our piece was about breaking free from conformity and show your true colors. Don’t be a robot, be a rainbow! Being a dancer, artist and human being, I pride myself on being different. I truly believe that everyone should live openly, freely and as your truest self. Join the pak! Be insanely different. Be the SUPER you!


I’ve always been a bit different. Out there. 

This Pak has changed my life and embraced my colors no matter how bland or bold. I am so proud of what we represent on this show and will continue to celebrate the unique and risky. We want to give you more then just a dance. We want to make you feel something. 

Do you. Be you. In the words of Lil’ Mama…robots to rainbows. Thank you for the love guwres:-)


Finding out we were in the bottom twice in a row was devastating. It’s almost impossible not to be discouraged when you put your heart out on that stage,trying so hard to relay a message that differences and individuality CAN prevail when you don’t get the response you hope for. However, I will say that I had full faith that our mission statement could not have rang any louder that night. It felt so good to color the ABDC floor with our individual characters and quirks, and to hear the audience chanting our name afterward was the cherry on top confirming that we should always stay true to ourselves. I hope it inspires you to do the same!


Tonight we were in the bottom 2… it’s one of the most anxious and emotional feelings. Putting in countless hours along with pouring our minds, bodies and souls completely into this experience, we were overwhelmed to say the least. In my opinion Fanny Pak had one of the most challenging challenges on the episode. I am soo incredibly proud of my Pak because we executed it quite seamlessly if i do say so myself! :]

I am also soo proud of the Pak for bringing such an uplifting and inspiring message to the ABDC stage this week. We want all of our fans and viewers to know and believe that who YOU are is who YOU need to BE and that being YOU is the only way to BE! 

If you agree and feel the same please vote and support! 

-Nat from the Fanny Pak


ABDC始まって1ヶ月過ぎて、競い合うチームも半分の5チームになって。ものすごいきつくて、寝る時間なくて、ぶったおれそうになるけど、やっぱりFanny Pakが好きなのは、うちらは世界を変えれるって信じてるから。めっちゃ大げさに聞こえるけど、世界中の少数派たちを、枠にはまりきれないひとたちを代表してうちらは戦い続けようって頑張ってます。少数派でいるのって決して楽じゃない けど、誰も想像しないような革命を起こせるのは、いつも少数派だって信じてるから、 うちらはあきらめないぞーーーーー!!! 

»It inspires us to hear your stories of coming out of your shell and showing who you truly are. So please keep posting your tales of self-empowerment! Color the world with your inner beauty!! #inspiredfanny #confidentfanny #jointhepak

May 02

Madonna Week Recap

Hey Fannies, I hope you enjoyed our Madonna routine last week on ABDC. When we found out about our “waacking in heels challenge,” we couldn’t help but feel slightly empowered.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to slip their feet into sky-high stiletto boots!?  Despite our aching feet and sore shoulders, we’re proud of our performance to “Girl Gone Wild”. Ironically, during Madonna week, Megan was called for duty by Queen M herself! As proud as we were for her opportunity, it really challenged us to have a missing member for most of our rehearsals.

On top of that, another obstacle literally hit us in the face! After a stiletto-to-nose situation, Preston was rushed to the ER to find he had suffered a facial contusion and chipped a tooth.  Thankfully he is ok and with a little help from makeup he still looked fabulous as ever! For a first hand encounter, check out his post on our Facebook page.

Last, but not least, we have an exciting opportunity for one of you lucky Fannies. We call it, The Battle Wound Challenge. It’s simple!  In last weeks newsletter, we asked you all to post onto our Facebook page, pictures of your worst bruises and injuries and tell us what happened. The best photo will win a prize!

If you haven’t already, check our new website, sign up for our newsletter, and follow our twitter @fannypak. Basically, JOIN THE PAK! 

Don’t forget to tune in to ABDC tonight 10/9c on MTV and VOTE!  Check out how Fanny puts their spin on Drake. 

Apr 11

Wanna meet the Pak? Go to to read bios, see pics, and get connected to the members! 

Apr 11
Meet the Pak. From left to right: Natalie Gilmore. Gerald Espinosa. Cara Horibe. Glenda Morales. Matt Cady. Preston Mui. Megan Lawson. Beau Fournier. Sohey Sugihara

Meet the Pak. From left to right: Natalie Gilmore. Gerald Espinosa. Cara Horibe. Glenda Morales. Matt Cady. Preston Mui. Megan Lawson. Beau Fournier. Sohey Sugihara

Apr 11

quote Fanny Pak’s purpose is to relieve their audience of the burden of ordinary life….snap ‘em out of their stupor of observation and open their eyes; join the pak! Be different. Be yourself. Through dance, fashion, humor, and music, Fanny Pak aims to color the world with their imagination.

— The Pak
Oct 28

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Oct 26

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Sep 15

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Sep 13

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Sep 11

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Sep 11

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Sep 10

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